Switching to Newer Windows

Windows 7 got released some time ago. However, at the moment the most popular operating systems are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Even though many people still use older versions of Windows, many of them have been wondering whether they should purchase the newest version of Windows, namely Windows Vista. If the overall graphical presentation matters to you, then you will be happy with what Windows Vista has to offer you:

-There is no doubt that the developers of Vista wanted this OS to look very appealing. Vista looks a lot better than any other OS before. Windows Vista takes advantage of so-called Aero glass interface. Aero stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open.
-The Start button is definitely smaller, and thus will take less place on your desktop. The icons are intended to be smaller too. Even though the graphics is not everything, nicer looking interface add to the enjoyment of working in Windows Vista.


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