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Getting Rich Quick

Many people who connect to the Internet are often hoping that they will be able to discover some secret method to earn a lot of money. They hope that they will get rich quick and that they will be able to quick their day job. This might be especially the case with people who dislike their current job. The Internet offers limitless possibilities so it is easy to believe for many people that getting rich quick is something very common on the Internet. While I think that there are many interesting opportunities on the Internet, it is not that easy to get rich real quick. There are millions of other people who are also looking for ideas how to earn the most money in the shortest amount of time, and because of that there is very big competition. Usually the richest people are those who discover some opportunities before anyone else discovers them. There are many websites that are very popular simply because they were the first to create something innovative.


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Bandwidth Control

In today’s world of business, information is something very important. It is important when it comes to saving money and cutting unnecessary costs. There are some solutions that can allow to completely monitor what consumes your bandwidth either at your home or at your business premises. If you run a network of a few computers with a few users it might not be easy to control what each person is doing while browsing the Internet. There might be online sites, programs, or various applications that can monitor your bandwidth and it is a good idea to look for the least expensive solution. Some programs are freeware so take tat into account. In many cases it might be a good idea to have a software that will do the analysis for you and give you the information where the expenses can be reduced. If you run a business, you might notice that there might be two or three computer that consume the most bandwidth. There might be some ways to reduce bandwidth if you will be able to identify which computers consume the most.


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Advertising Through Emails

Today companies try different methods of marketing. It seems that email marketing is one of the most popular methods, which companies around the world choose to use. Sending many emails can be relatively easy, but without some sort of software that will help you automate the whole process, you might end up spending many hours doing all by yourself. If you start using software then you will see how easy sending emails to your customers can be. Many people also send send automated messages that can contain newsletters, promotions, or FAQs about their company. Wherever you live, sending emails via such programs is legal as long as they agreed to receive a newsletter.


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Has Your Content Been Stolen?

Has your content been stolen? This can happen to any honest blogger who is always writing posts by himself. Someone might simply take advantage out of it and steal whatever posts he likes. There are at least a few different ways you can react in such situation:

1. Remain silent and do not do anything while telling yourself that you do not care about it. Sometimes if is not worth to do anything about it.
2. Contact the scraper by email and ask him to remove the stolen content from his blog. The problem is that he might not listen to you. Sometimes it might be even hard to find a way to contact him.
3. Use a WordPress plug-in (such as RSS footer from that will automatically link back to your site from the website of a scraper where he published your post. This plug-in might be very useful if you want to stay informed about any attempts of stealing your content. Of course, simply knowing about your content being published somewhere will not remove it.

Overall, there are not many things you can do if your content is being stolen by some unknown website. On the other hand, webmasters of popular websites may be afraid that you might spread the news of what they did.


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Online Entertaiment

Usually, in order to have some entertainment people had to attend to some interesting event. These days it is a lot easier with the Internet. There are many online activities that are fun and anyone can participate in them for free. There are many social networks, online games, video sites, forums, and chats that allow people to have some online entertainment. More and more people have mics so it is possible to talk to other people as well. I imagine that there will be even more interesting things on the Internet and people have a lot to look forward to.


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Watching TV on Your PC

An average American watches TV for more than 4 hours per day, and since it seems that this is the most popular form of entertainment, it is important that people should be able to access it from many places. The logical place where you could also access TV programming is your own PC. While the TV screen is usually larger than a monitor, it is often more convenient to be in front of your computer, instead of TV. By buffering videos using a fast broadband connection, this is entirely possible and there are programs which allow watching TV on your own PC. Buffering allows you to pause, fast-forward or rewind if you feel like it. Additionally, there are countless sites like Youtube which allow anyone to share his videos with others.


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Browser Games

If you want to be a happy person, then you are going to need to have some entertainment. While it is true that every person has many responsibilities, it is often important to remember we need some time to rest and relax. One of the ways to relax while you are at your computer is to play browser games. Browser games have gained on popularity over the last few years and now there are more people than ever playing them. There are new games coming out each day and that is why it should be quite easy to find some fun games. Browser games will definitely keep gaining on popularity.


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Features of Blogger

I don’t know how many of Blogger hosted bloggers realized it, but Blogger allows bloggers to implement a slideshow tool element. Even if you heard about it, you might not know to implement it on your blog. It is quite simple, and I am going to tell you how to do it. This will be especially helpful if you have a Template link on your Blogger dashboard instead of the Layout link. Like I mentioned before, it is quite easy and all you have to do is find your blog on the dashboard, click the template link next to it, click on “customize your design” tab, and finally click on upgrade your template. After you have chosen a new blogger template for yourself, you will see the layout link on the Blogger dashboard, and you will be able to take advantage of the slideshow element.

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Number of Readers

Google Reader has a feature of showing how many readers are subscribing to an RSS feed. The number of subscribers can be seen by searching for a blog after clicking the ‘Add Subscription’ link once you are logged into your Google Reader account. The subscription numbers only reflect the number of subscribers through Google Reader, not all subscribers. Nonetheless, it is an interesting way to compare blogs and monitor some trends. Of course, blogs that post about Google Reader on a regular basis due to the nature of their blogs will probably have an advantage. While some claim that sometimes the number of subscribers is not that important, I do not think a webmaster should completely ignore this aspect of their blog.

Often bloggers ask the question what to do in order to be able to maintain a large reader base. I think one of the best ways to approach this dilemma is to try to imagine what would make you read somebody else’s blog. In my case, I believe the most important aspect of a blog that I would visit would be the fact that it would be useful to me. It might be useful in different ways, but it is important that it would be useful in some way. For example, I might want to visit a blog that provides accurate, and well-timed news, or a blog that offers some valuable advice that is hard to obtain, as it requires experience or expertise. Ask yourself the question: what makes you visit other blogs, and try to do the same as other blogs do.

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Benefit From Being Active On Forums

If you spend a lot of time replying to posts on forums, or if you like to create various threads, it will be beneficial for you to learn how to make as much as possible from your involvement there. There are some tips that I would like to share with you today:

1. Visit only forums which are related to the topic of your blog. This will ensure that you might learn something useful while visiting a forum, and you may also meet some like minded people.
2. Post in the most popular threads. This way your response will be seen by many people.
3. Create new threads. Make sure you first have some interesting topic you wold like to discuss.
4. Try to be not completely anonymous. You can let others know that you are a blogger etc.
5. Make sure that there is some way to contact you like your blog’s URL or email address. However, make sure that you don’t give out your email address publicly, as this might result in spam.
6. Use catchy titles and keywords when creating a thread. Search engines will later index those threads and this way you might obtain valuable backlinks.

In the meanwhile, remember to have fun!


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