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I have always believed that everybody should have access to cheap and affordable prescription eyeglasses no matter whether he is rich or poor. Some people need eyeglasses in order to read or watch TV, or even work. Without them, they would not be able to do anything that they normally can do. In my opinion, getting eyeglasses should be affordable and should not require any prescription at all. Everybody should have the right to buy prescription glasses if this means that a patient can buy them at a lot more affordable prices in an online store rather in in a local pharmacy. I am glad that Zenni took steps to make sure that everybody who needs eyeglasses can afford them. They reduced their prices from $8 to $6.95 to make sure that everybody can be able to buy them. They also offer a virtual try-on system. If you ever hesitated to buy eyeglasses from an online store because you could not try them, you should not worry about it anymore. Zenni wants to make sure that you enjoy your purchase as much as it is possible. I like their new site. Since the overhaul of their website, I visited it already a few times. Zenni is also a popular online store. It appeared on the news many times already.


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