The Digital Future of Social Interaction


Ever since the world’s rapid introduction to the internet began in the mid-90s, the way we socialise has been steadily transforming. Offices and businesses use email almost exclusively to communicate and run their organisations. On the internet people talk to thousands of others they could never have met in any other way, discussing, debating and advising each other. Many have even started to find love over the internet, taking matters into their own hands by using dating sites.


Here are a few ways that the digital world has and will continue to influence the way we handle our social lives…




Before, meeting someone meant literally bumping into them on the street, in a bar or wherever. This type of meeting relied heavily on chance. Only the venue would indicate what sort of person they were and what they were looking for. But on the internet there are now places to find and meet people, and you will know exactly what they are looking for, as it will probably be exactly what everyone visiting the site is looking for. You can find a room-mate, friends with similar interests, a babysitter, and even the love of your life with online dating – a service becoming more and more popular.

Keeping in touch

The internet is also very useful for keeping in touch with a large amount of people. Online chat and messaging services mean you can keep chatting to people on a day-to-day basis, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Skype even means you can speak and talk to them for free, and Facebook will soon be introducing a voice and video chatting facility. Social networks and sites such as Friends Reunited also mean you can find old friends you may have lost touch with – from school or university, for example. This helps keep your social circle large but also manageable.


Organising your social life is so much easier when you have the internet. Online calendars, mass emails, the ability to create events and groups – all of these things help us to make the most of our free time, spending it productively among friends, and also arrange big gatherings quickly and easily.


Forums as well as social networks such as Twitter help us to share advice and knowledge with each other. Cooking tips, travel advice, latest news, opinions on the latest films – on the internet you can find a place to talk about these things to your heart’s content.

Augmented reality

Some people mistrust the digitalisation of socialising. They say it keeps us inside and reclusive. However, the introduction of mobile internet is changing this. We are now connected while on the move and can use apps to enhance our environment. This is very much the way the internet is headed.

Whether you’re using it for dating Liverpool free websites or for talking about Star Wars with a like-minded stranger, the internet is a big part of your social life!

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