Noise and Neighbors

When you have many neighbors, then it is important to make sure that you are not making too much noise. In my case I have been dreaming about playing some instrument since I was a child. Unfortunately, playing any instrument was not possible at that time as me and my family did not own a house at that time yet. My neighbors were sensitive about any kind of sound or noise coming from our apartment. If the sound was too noisy according to their standards, they would knock at my door and ask to keep it down even though me and my family were not noisy at all. Many people live in houses, which means that they can play any instrument they want such as the Suzuki violin. I can see why playing an instrument in a block of flats can be a problem. The walls are usually thin and your neighbors are going to hear everything you do in your apartment anyway even before you start playing an instrument. I believe that living in a house has its advantages, but I also understand that not everybody can afford to live in a house, especially in large cities.


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