Pleasing Your Wedding Guests

Guest Blog by: William C.

It’s all about the bride (and groom) right? Well, almost. While the big day is yours to cherish and remember, ensuring your wedding guests have a good time is essential to making the wedding a success. Happy guests = happy bride.

Wedding Tips
• Schedule activities to fill downtime: Is there a long gap between the ceremony and the reception? This can cause boredom especially for out-of-town guests, who may have no where to go.
• Keep food choices well-rounded: While your favorite food as a couple may be sushi, it’s best to save fun food choices for cocktail hour.
• Don’t make them wait: No one appreciates standing in long lines, especially to find out the food or beverage they’ve been waiting for is gone. Avoid crowded areas by having enough servers and food/beverage stations spread throughout your venue.
• Book great entertainment: A great DJ or band can get even the shyest person on the dance floor. Plus, they can help moderate speeches that run too long.
• Provide direction: Let people know how to proceed after the ceremony. Should they sit down immediately or stand for cocktails? Place name cards at tables so there aren’t any uncomfortable mix-ups with seating or serving.

Wedding Professionals
To make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, enlist the help of wedding professionals. Whether you’re searching for wedding caterers in Waukesha , WI, or wedding bands in Jacksonville, FL, working with professionals can ease stress and help make your experience flawless.

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