Medications and Side Effects

If you take various medications regularly, you probably know that they can have possible side effects. You know that if you take medications, there might be some side effects you will have to face. Normally, if you experience side effects of a medication, you probably decide to stop taking it. The problem with pregnant women taking medications such as Zoloft is that they do not know about side effects of the medication until after their baby is already born. The reason the Zoloft Lawsuit is one of the most common lawsuits out there is that more and more women give birth to children suffering from various birth defects. This is not a normal thing to happen. Unfortunately, Zoloft Side Effects happen more often these days than they used to happen in the past. The reason they happen is that pregnant women are not warned about the possible side effects of taking the medication. They are lured into a false sense of security that leads them to believe that taking Zoloft during pregnancy is perfectly fine. I am not so sure about it. If my child had birth defects cause buy such medications, I would make sure to contact an experienced lawyer immediately. I would make sure to do something about it.

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