During some winters I spend some time in my small garden even though it is cold, while during some winters I do not visit my garden even once. My garden looks so different during winter. The grass is not as green as it is in the summer and the flowers are withered and gray. I usually leave all of my tools in the garden for winter. This includes even my decorative hose reel I have been keeping there already for some time. It rained a lot last night. The weather is not inviting at all. I have just looked through the window and everything seemed to me so gloomy and depressing. The winter is still going to last for some time. I guess I will have to wait until March or even April to see some green grass again and not just mud and rain. I cannot do any gardening job during winter. It just would not make any sense with no flowers and not green tress around. I will leave my garden be until summer starts again.


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