The history of Boston dates back to the seventeenth century when Puritans from England arrived there and decided to start a new colony. The city of Boston is one of the oldest among all of the cities of the United States and for this reason there are many things to do in Boston. I will never forget my visit to this vibrant and rich in history city. As the very first thing, we went to see the Paul Revere’s House. This is the oldest building in the city that still exists and is estimated to have been built around 1680. There are not many places like this in contemporary America, so this one is definitely worth seeing. Another place that I remember visiting was the famous Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The atmosphere was great as the place was very stylish. I am sure that everyone could find there something for himself. With so many malls in the US this place is completely different and very original. There are many ways you can move around Boston, one of them is sightseeing tours. With sightseeing tours you will surely see a lot more than I did. If you are planning your vacation right now and would like to get some creative idea on where to go, do not overlook visiting various travel websites.


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