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From time to time I am thinking about what makes a good template choice. While there is a lot to write about, this time I wanted to share with you my thoughts about how many columns should a blog interested in monetizing its content have. Actually, I am not going to give a definite answer to that question, but I believe that a blog that plans to have a lot of content linked from the sidebar and possible some Google Adsense ads as well, will benefit from a 3 column template. Such templates are gaining in popularity and provide a lot of space for advertisements. Nobody can deny the fact that the blogosphere has currently millions of blogs and to be noticeable, you have to be original in some way. Often the more original you are, the better. For example, having a template that nobody else has might make your blog easier to remember, and consequently, more people may be visiting you. Putting templates aside, the most important thing when it comes to blogging is content. If you want to be an original blogger, then you should try to have original posts, and maybe even an original writing style. This is not possible for all niches, but in some cases, it might not be that difficult to try to be more original and write in a slightly different way. I cannot provide you with an easy solution, but I can just give you advice to think about it. Who knows, you might come up with some ideas.


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