Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996

I was very happy when in 1990 I learned the news that Atlanta was chosen a place to host Olympic Games in 1996 over other cities like Athens, Toronto or Melbourne. As a very big sports fan myself, I decided that day to do everything that I could to be able to get to Atlanta in 1996 and see some of the events that were going to take place there. Even thought I never visited Atlanta during 1996, I will always remember Atlanta as a place where the glory of Games took place and where I had many memorable moments that I will never forget. If you visit Atlanta today you might not be able to see what I saw when I was there as some of the places that I visited were demolished following the Olympics. Nonetheless, there are probably many other places that you will be able to see and from where you will have long lasting memories. If you are already in Atlanta, I also encourage you to visit the surrounding areas and admire the beauty of the region. There are many attractions that I would recommend to you, but I think that it is important that you should try to enjoy spending time surrounded by nature.


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