How Fast Does Your Blog Load?

What would you say if I asked you how fast your blog loads? Most people would probably say that it loads quite fast, or slowly. First of all, the problem is that everyone has different Internet connection. Secondly, everyone has a different patience while waiting for pages to load. That is why we need to establish some standards. I found a great tool, namely that can check the speed of your site’s loading time. It can do it without any bias as it is a script, and can even display the “Size”, “Load Time”, and “Average Speed per KB”. I had a website once that contained a lot of unnecessary widgets and elements on my homepage. If I had access to a tool like this I would have realized it a lot earlier. The question what you need to ask yourself is whether you like to wait ages to a page to load. Obviously you do not, however, my point is that this is why you should put some work into making your blog load faster. Maybe you are embedding too many videos and images? Maybe your site contains too many widgets? Sometimes unresponsive scripts are the problem. Whatever the cause, minimizing load speed is a wise thing to aim for.


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