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Are Oldest Blogs Always the Best?

There are many people who claim that in order to achieve success you need to be in the right place in the right time. I think this also partially applies to blogging as those who started blogging when blogging just emerged, had a lot less challenges than bloggers have today. Many of them achieved success quite fast, which motivated them to work even harder, which in turn resulted in having a high quality blog. I have no doubt that one of the oldest blogs present high value to visitors, however, my question is are they always the best blogs? For example, I noticed that some blogs that are popular sometimes do not write very high quality posts, but still receive many comments. I think that the reason why people visit those sites, is because they got used to it. The webmasters of such sites had obviously a lot more time to focus on marketing. My conclusion is that the oldest blogs are not necessarily better. There are many new bloggers in the blogosphere who have just started blogging. Many of them are very good at it, probably even better than a few famous bloggers in the blogosphere that we frequently hear about. The reason I am writing about this is to encourage my visitors to consider starting their own blog. Anyway, have fun blogging!


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How To Be a Successful Webmaster

There are millions of websites out there and there are thousands created each day. There is no doubt that website are very popular. Nonetheless, it might not be as easy as it sounds to create a website that will be successful. Being a successful webmaster requires a lot of work and dedication. Here are a few things you should definitely take into account whenever you are establishing a new website:

  • Make sure that you have time to update your website on a regular basis. This is especially important when it comes to blogs, which require at least a few posts per month in order to be considered successful. The problem with many websites is that they do not get updated for a long time and visitors simply stop visiting them.
  • Make sure that you have time to respond to emails and that you have time to deal with spam. Your email information is usually listed in whois, so even if your site does not have a contact form, then most people will be able to contact you anyway. This means that you should be willing to respond to your visitors and have time to filter spam messages.
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